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To get information about gaining access to your child's grades click on this >>> LINK.<<<

Once you have your account set up you can also download the App to your Apple or Android Device and have access to them from anywhere. You will get the District Code to input in the app, once you log into PowerSchool on the menu at the bottom left side.

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Please Note: To help ensure that only the legal parents or guardians of each student receive this information, we will require that you pick this up from your child's school in person, providing the proper identification, and will be unable to provide this over the phone, email, or US Mail. If you are not the legal guardian you will not be given this information.

Also note that having teacher grade books "live" for parents to see is new for our teachers. Please be aware that teachers may not be able to put in grades but one time a week. So if your child took a test today, you may not see that grade in the grade book until a week later, when the teacher has set aside time to put them in. Another reason you may not see the grade is that sometimes teachers may opt out of counting an assignment, for example, if the entire class did poorly. If enough time has passed and you are still not seeing the grade for a particular assignment, then you can send an email to the teacher and ask about that assignment. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Principal.